So I have finally gotten over being lied to..I like Vinny alot but I just cant stand people who lie. He's 29 years old and there is just no excuse for some of the things he lied about. I'm wondering if half of the other things he said were true..I feel like I lost a friend because I really never knew who he was and I started to fall for this "Imaginative guy". He tried to kill himself lastnight..well he says that he just wanted the pain to go away but I know the difference..12 Klonopins and a few zanax a little bit of booze..I dont think he's a cutter though..which is good I guess but I would have rather released the pain that way.
Its quite strange being in the situation that I am in right now..I actually am getting some attention from guys something that I havent gotten in a long time..I feel like now I have a few guys complete attention...well I know that I do. I just dont want to rush into anything so soon but I think that Wayne and I are going to be great friends...Ryan has no Idea though and I kinda feel bad about that but life goes on..Ryan and I are just friends and I dont think that Ryan and I could ever be together It just wouldnt work out. Wayne however (Ryans Best Friend) could deff be a possibility...only time will tell. I just want someone in my life that has goals and wants to do something with there life. I cant see myself daiting someone that is on dissability and is only 20-29 years old..all they want to do is drink and lie, party and smoke pot. I dont want that In my life and I dont want that type of person around me. I want a nice guy with a nice family who is attractive, sincere, has a good sense of humor and is very passionate and caring. I ask for these things because that is what I have to offer in a relationship. Plus a good heart and I am very loyal. I just want to be happy for once in my life and my happiness to create happiness in others...I want to be complete..

Babe will u complete me?

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3                  Wayne, Ryan, Vinny, Scott, Jay, Neil,  lol