I fucking hate this shit...I thought I knew who you were and I thought that you liked me. YOU fucking new that I've been through hell and back and you have the odacity to fucking lie to me...fucking lie to me to my face, my friends and my family. HOW the FUCK can I trust you now with my heart? How the FUCK do you think that its going to work now? I thought that you were different from everyone else I thought that you understood me I felt safe with you for once in a long time and thats a big deal for me...and now I feel like taking a FUCKING scalding hot shower and burning all of your shit, just like how you burned me. Is it so fucking hard to find someone who can tell you the truth and understand you. All I want is someone who has the same hopes and dreams as I do and wants to do something with there life...I'm so sick of FUCKING trying to find someone who understands me and can actually have an adult relationship. I just need a friend...I was so FUCKING scared to give you all of me because of this shit and then afterwards you tell me this shit...I feel used, ashamed and pathedic...I'm just so FUCKING hurt...I can't believe this is happening..and after all of this shit that I've said I would go running into your arms and cry my fucking eyes out because I want you in my life...I'm so goddamn confused....Love is fucking dangerous....I really just feel like dying....I new what to expect with Dan..but I thought that you were different YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULDN'T HURT ME...and once again you lied...I'm starting to wonder if you ever liked me at all or if it was just another lie...I'm wondering if you just wanted to use me for some sick little game of yours....

I just want someone to tell me that everything's going to be okay...and please actually mean it.
I'm going to go and call Tama....I miss her<3 I hope that she answers
she would understand....she's FUCKING AMAZING

Cut1out4 me~~~Addie